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What does this have to do with a road in Henry County? Back in 1753 there were very few roads but there were paths. The native buffalo and other large animals created trails through the forest long before Europeans arrives. These animal trails were used by Indians and then were widened  by European immigrants bringing wagons and pushing the frontier westward.  As more people settled along the road residents assumed responsibility for keeping it passable - smoothing out ruts, cutting back brush. When the Moravian 'single brothers' left Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and headed south towards North Carolina they followed one of these paths down the Shenandoah Valley. When they reached Roanoke the road branched - one route to the southeast - across the Blackwater River to Boone's Mill, west of present day Rocky Mount to Callaway and Ferrum and on to Henry. This branch was known as the Morgan Bryant (Bryan) Road after the man who had widened the old path enough to drive a cart over it on his way to settle the Yadkin Valley in 1740.

The quiet little village of Henry sits just on the Franklin/Henry County border.  It is here that Sally's Trek begins.  Henry


Map Detail: Smith River  Horsepasture Creek  North Mayo River  South Mayo River 

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