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View of Pilot Mountain
Pilot Knob in the Distance

Follow the Knob Church Road along the ridge and turn left on Route 603. After some twisting and turning you will descend a hill into the town of Philpott and cross Town Creek. Very near here the creek runs into Smith River and this is where they described ...
"driving a mile through beautiful lowlands where there were many grapes".

Although the Smith was close they couldn't yet cross.  The ford was much farther downstream  and to reach it they had to negotiate many more  hills bordering the river.  Those hills were so steep they had to unload half the wagon to go up and then, at least once, lock 2 wheels and drag a tree behind to go down. According to their diary, Morgan Bryant, for whom the road was named,
"had to take the wheels off of his wagon and carry it piecemeal to the top".   Bassett

Moravian Trail Route Through Henry County VA
Map Detail: Smith River  Horsepasture Creek  North Mayo River  South Mayo River 

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