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After buying some provisions from Hikki the Brothers forged on along what we call 'The Great Road' or Route 683.  This road is mostly level or slightly rolling and riding this road today you will think "Now traveling became a little easier".  

"Two and a half miles beyond Hikki's we stopped for noon at a creek, where there is good pasturage, the road thither being fairly good. Then again it led through marshy places and over steep hills, with water every half or quarter mile, often accompanied by deep mud.  We set up our tent by a creek, and made only eight miles today, although we hurried all we could ... For supper we cooked Virginia potatoes [Sweet Potatoes], which tasted good."

Their midday stop was very near present day  'Hillcroft' - an old home at Rangeley. From here to Horsepasture Creek their exact route is a mystery. Crossing 609 continue along The Great Road until you reach the Preston Road.  You may feel somewhat isolated on that portion of 683 just before the Preston Road. It has little traffic and few houses but as you ride along it occurs to you that this is really an OLD road...so twisty and narrow.  Sally thinks the old "Dick & Willy" or Danville and Western railroad possibly used their path and obliterated any evidence.  Horsepasture Creek

The Great Road

Map Detail: Smith River  Horsepasture Creek  North Mayo River  South Mayo River 

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