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Start your trip at Henry when trees are bare (for the best view). Whether you approach it from the east or south, turn west across the railroad tracks. Almost immediately on your right there is a pretty well-kept cabin. This cabin is not a modern copy but is almost as old as the Moravian brother's story.  It was build 200+ years ago by Larken Turner for Mr. Hickey's daughter  (More about Mr. Hickey when we cross the Smith).  Follow this road up the hill a ways and watch for evidence of the original Morgan Bryant road along the side. Here and there you will see remnants of a cut in the earth formed by wagon wheels. Turn left on Knob Church Road but stop at the turn and take a look at the mountains.  Somewhere along here the Moravians first spotted Pilot Mountain.....

"We came at once to a very steep little hill, and then there was a long ascent. From the top we saw the Pilot Mountain in North Carolina, and rejoiced to think that we would soon see the boundary of Carolina and set foot in our own dear land."

At this point the men had been traveling on foot for almost 30 days.   Their Joy

Moravian Trail Route Through Henry County VA
Map Detail: Smith River  Horsepasture Creek  North Mayo River  South Mayo River 

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